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D'var Torah for Parashat Acharei Mot

Parashat Acharei Mot is a difficult parashah to read - extensively legalistic, it is the part of the Torah that outlines one of the many prohibitions we find immoral today: the prohibition of man lying with man. And the Haftarah from Ezekiel which accompanies it portrays the prophet relaying God’s displeasure with Israel, which has fallen into sin, and outlines God’s proposed methods for cleansing his holy city Jerusalem: diaspora and the burning of its inhabitants.

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D'var Torah: 7th Day of Passover

Seven days ago, we sat around our tables, telling the story, as we do each year, of our forebears’ deliverance from slavery in Mitzrayim. More than that, though. We were invited to live the story – to experience it, as though we ourselves were slaves in Egypt, and as though we ourselves witnessed the miracles of which the Haggadah tells. No matter what our opinion of the theophany of the Exodus narrative, we are asked to embody this formative moment of our people. Beyond the seder nights, this has at least one very palpable implication for our observance of Pesach, which I would like to take a moment to remind us of.

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